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At Foneday we have specialized in supplying high-quality parts for telephones and tablets to repair companies in recent years. We are also actively developing other brands that may be relevant to your company. Below you will find an overview of these brands and how they can contribute to your business needs:

NovaNL logo

Foneday has exclusive rights to the accessories brand NovaNL. At Foneday we are committed to understanding the needs of our customers. We actively listen to their wishes and ensure that the right products are developed and offered through the NovaNL brand. Our extensive selection of NovaNL products is available for leading brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei and more. Customers can find everything they need at Foneday, whether it concerns Tempered glass, covers, cables or other accessories.

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LCDXtend logo

LcdXtend is Foneday's buyback service through which we offer our customers the opportunity to sell their original broken displays, as long as the LCD screen is still functional. Our main goal is to buy back the broken screens that customers have left after a screen repair. We are committed to sustainability by recycling these screens. This has several advantages: it contributes to a more sustainable world and allows us to refurbish screens at the highest quality level. In addition, we have influence on the purchasing of original parts that can be reused in the repair process.

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FDX logo

With our years of industry experience and a deep understanding of our customers' needs, high grade of quality control and coupled with our strong position as large-scale purchasers of iPhone screens from manufacturers, we have gained a keen insight into what customers expect in terms of quality, display resolution and the way screens are finishe. Based on this expertise, we invested in the launch of our own brand: FDX

FDX enables us to develop tailor-made, high-quality smartphone parts that meet European quality standards. This promotes the independence of the repair sector, resulting in fairly priced high-quality screens for smartphones. This extends the lifespan of smartphones through lower repair costs compared to purchasing new devices. Furthermore, we ensure that reliable screens are always available, which increases customer satisfaction and encourages them to use their current smartphones for longer.

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