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About us

Welcome to Foneday, the one-stop-shop for repair companies looking for smartphone and tablet parts, accessories and repair tools in Europe. Currently we are active in more than 14 countries and our services primarily cater to other companies. Our main goal is to stimulate your growth by offering high-quality products directly from our stock, with fast delivery within one working day

We strive to meet all your business needs, whether you are looking for parts, accessories or tools. Thanks to our direct access to stock, you can quickly obtain the products you need. Let's work together to support and grow your business. Discover how Foneday can contribute to your success in the world of mobile repair.

Our story

“Foneday was founded in 2015 as a young and ambitious company. We are extremely grateful for the enormous growth we have experienced and for the valuable colleagues and customers who are now part of our success story. Every day we strive to be the best we can be and we look back with pride on our journey so far and beyond.”


Mustafa Afshar

General manager


Sustainability is central to us. Our goal is to be a company that has a positive impact on the smartphone repair industry. We want to enable repair companies to make the customer who needs their smartphone repaired fall in love with their device again for the second time. We do this by offering high-quality parts, a wide range of products and a strong commitment to sustainability. Our ultimate goal is to transform the repair industry and positively impact the world of mobile repairs and build a more sustainable world.

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Foneday in a nutshell

Our mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality smartphone parts to enable repair shops to breathe new life into devices, making end customers fall in love with their devices again, all with a strong focus on sustainability.

Our vision

Our vision is to ensure the availability and supply of high-quality parts for mobile devices, so that repair companies can give these devices the second life they deserve. We are committed to supporting the circular economy and reducing electronic waste by providing solutions of high quality.

Our corporate culture

We foster a culture of progress and value creation for our customers. Ownership and innovative ideas are the driving forces behind our success. In everything we do, we learn, we improve, and we strive for greater heights. Our employees have the space to share their own ideas and perspectives, and together we strive for innovation and progress.

Foneday Culture

"Achieving More Together"

Our motto: “Achieving more together” applies not only to our customers, but also internally to our Foneday colleagues. We believe that to be successful, we must work together, value each other's opinions and work towards a common goal. Our goal is to build the best possible relationship with our customers by offering products of the highest quality and relieving them of as much of their worries as possible.